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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  November 3, 2009 6:00am-6:30am EST

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and but we'll have fog in the parking lot. this is baltimore county. 83 and some spots that are thick with that fog. 39 now and the middle school and towson we have 40 degrees. 100% and in the process of forming and thickening up. 43 at deer park. patchy thick fog. a lot of sun but increase in clouds and 2-degree of 61. 6:00 this morning. and here is kim brown. as we look at 695 on the northeast corner as you make your way top side. traffic is building and moving nicely on the inner and outer loop lanes. the warnings that i told you about they are posted and see them as you approach the memorial bridge on eastbound pulaski highway. use caution as you drive across the bridge. we have the right lane closed. and they are still repairing
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the water main break. as we peek here. the you can see it looks great as it makes its way. you are being told this morning to be on alert. >> there have been a number of rapes that it is scary. and linda so is live at police headquarters. linda? >> reporter: scary because in the cases the rapist is breaking into homes and dying up victims. police are investigating two rapes that happeneddenned near bus many stops. they believe those cases are related. police say a suspect threaten add woman in her 20s. she was waiting at hartford avenue. she was inraped in a field nearby. less than a mile away a woman who left a church service was raped. she was waiting for a bus at a stop near coffin street. the news has women on edge.
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>> i carry a knife. i have a long hat pin. anything sharp. >> we want everyone to be mindful of surroundings. be careful when you approach the areas early in the morning. >> and police are investigating other incidents in the past two weeks. they are linked to break ins where in the cases the suspect is climbing up a fire escape. if you have information call the police at 496-2076. we're live at city police headquarters. police at university of college park are offering a 2 $5000 reward to help them catch a man of raping a student in off campus housing. it happened in the home of a 21- year-old on dickinson avenue. there are no signs of forced entries. police have made two arrests in connection with the shooting that happened on
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halloween party out there in howard county. a 22-year-old are charged in the death of aaron pryce. it happened here on manner -- manor stone lane. they found his body in the driveway. a 22-year-old was found in the basement listed in critical condition. he with ill survive but may be paralyzed. there were a number of altercations at this home. >> there are concerns about the house i recognize that and those issues about the party and whether people are charged admission ad those type of things we'll look into. however, as you can imagine, our primary focus has been finding hout is responsible for committing the homicide -- out who is responsible for
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committing the homicide. >> and troyer is charged as an accessory. about police are looking for suspects in the shooting death of a man in glen oaks. grace and kenny junior was found in the 3500 lock of tulsa roadment he whats shot several times. nobody has been arrested and police are asking anyone with information to call them right away. four minutes after 6:00. we have information on the black and decker and stanley, withs merger. the ceo said fewer than 4000 jobs will be cut when they merge. black and decker agreed a purchase by stanley works. a spokesperson with the a company says that some 250 executives and corporate employees could lose their jobs. officials say the headquarters will remain in connecticut where stanley works is based. the power tool division will be in towson. and black and decker's towson headquarters will be
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staying for the time being but the future could have them losing a company. and there are the greater businesses that are on that list. constellation energy is 125, black and decker at 408. rounding out the top 500 legg mason. what do you think about the sale of black and decker? go to, leave us a message. we have done all the work for you so write us. and this one, this is going to hear a lot of chatter about this. the city wants to see pregnancy clinics show a shine. >> it will show what is going on in the clinic. we'll go to sherrie johnson and has the latest. >> reporter: laters say they need to show a sign and that legislation is heading to the floor of the city council.
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it would impose 150-dollar fines on four centers that mail to post signs saying this do not provide apportions. it was amended to require that the commissioner to notify centers withen there is a complaint against them for failure to post the sign. the change gives the interests ten days to comply with the law before facing that fine. the archbishop opposes it. >> they feel it is discriminatory, an attack on charities that are trying to provide help. he is urging all catholics to contact the members. >> it is considered the first of its kind. it goes to the floor of the council for a preliminary vote. election day 2008 swept democrats in but there may be
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some backlash. 12 big cities will elect or re- elect mayors and democrats are the most vulnerable in the races in new jersey and virginia. and we have a preview. >> reporter: they're off to the races to elect the leaders but it could have national implications. in the 23rd congressional district, and the support of abortion rights and the president's package made conservatives question the republican credentials. she dropped out and is backing here former democratic rival. not the party candidate who had thwart the many. >> i have been fighting for the soul of the party. >> reporter: and john core design in a head with the challenger. and in virginia, polls show the candidate for governor trailing his republican challenger. >> i want to say i'm honored to
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be your candidate for governor. >> reporter: what do the contests say one year after voters elected the from he to the white house. , there will be people saying especially if they lose the races. >> reporter: the who us is down playing the outcome but robert gibbs said that the president inherited daunting challenges, we have spent time talking about one today in afghanistan. we have talked about a bigger one on the economy. >> reporter: the gop believes if they win it could be a sign of gains in congress. 6:08. derek mason may have made the clutch touchdown catch on sunday. today he will pick up a mic today. he will show off his singing skills weekend a community karaoke. it will run to 1 o'clock at the
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acorn pup. one of the requests is for him to sing empire state of mind. will he do that. >> william schaefer started as a baltimore city lawyer and councilman before becoming the mayor and going on to the state house. the governor and comptroller. then on his birthday he was honored for service with the unveiling of a statue of him. he even cried. hun treads gathered and he thanked everyone for their support during his service. >> that's great. >> it is a great statue. >> fitting, fitting, fitting. if you rely on frequent flier miles, will you save money. >> it may not be helping as much as you think. this recycled water now they need more than duct tape to patch this up. babies are born in
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hospitals about out one could not wait. where mom decided it was time u pack your kids warmly. we have some fog. more about that in a moment. no majorrics didn'ts to let you know about this morning on 695. i'll have a detailed report next.
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on issues important to seniors, senators mikulski and cardin have been leaders, fighting to make health care more affordable and to make sure seniors have access to the medicines their doctor prescribes. now maryland senators can improve medicare and help close the donut hole without raising premiums on seniors by as much as 20%, which some proposals would do. call today -- ask senators mikulski and cardin to support the senate health care reform bill. because we can improve medicare without making seniors pay more.
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thinking of cashing in frequent flier miles. >> it may not be what you think. >> did you think for ways to save on travel, redeeming frequent flier miles may seem like a good option. >> if you can use them for an expensive holiday fare, they are expensive right now, that's a way to use them, assuming you can get a seat.
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>> but with the airline industry struggling, even the loyal fliers have discovered few rides. >> if you want to cash them in or put them back into use. they are not really free. >> before you cash in do your homework on the fees. compare the costs to that of a ticket. and make sure that you aric maaing the most of the miles. >> if you are spending 250- dollars save them for a more expensive trip. >> reporter: if you do not use them keep it active to a rewards card. for consumer watch megan hughes. >> remember we are looking for to you make sure do you not waste your money. and check out our financial survival guide there is information there daily. and if you check it out today you will find ways to cut back on the food budget and how
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going green can save you cash. southwest has launched another flight out of baltimore. where are he would going? we're going to milwaukee. yes. and that's a great town you know that southwest and bwi flying half of all passengers to the area. >> great town,. >> a lot of flights there. let's fly to the weather center. >> 6:15. and 39 degrees baltimore. east ton. 34 to work pa and 43 we have temperatures around the area. and 30s and we have some patchy
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fog reported. some of that and 70 up 95. especially when you are crossing and it is a chilly morning. and clear skies. and notice here rain and across the border. that's going to come into the mass we'll have a clear morning. it will not bring much precipitation but increase the afternoon and maybe some evening clouds. clear skies. and a drop in temperature. we'll be in the midto lower 30s. the first watch. and with the air mass.
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look for clouds. that's going to hold the temperatures down in the low 50s. and there is a hint of moisture coming into play. and overnight. and with that in mind it is split. and out of that. i thought so. we'll look at sunshine to prevail, clouds and 3:00. 61 degrees. and the warmest day of the week we clear it out and drop to 35. since i laid flurries don't expect flurries. you may see a flake or two. go to and not only to find the flakes locally but check out doppler radar to see what is hatchenning. >> and can you stay stickage.
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>> it is fantastic. and we look at 50 and you see traffic is moving smoothly in both directions as you make your way headed to the capital beltway. and we're looking awesome this morning in terms of incidents. none to let you know about but we have fog warnings posted. use some caution. and western at m. a ce. right lane taken away because of work. a water rain break. use caution as well. and as we peak here -- look at the cameras. and headed to downtown baltimore. back to you. 6:18. looking at the news a ten month old is dead after his 2- year-old brother in critical condition after the mother had bug spray in her trailer.
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the spray produced a fog that is to blame for the death and sickness of the other child. there were seven containers in a mobile home. normally one fog ser used to treat 6000 square feet. a 20-year-old woman from iraq is dead two weeks after her father ran her over with a car saying she was becoming too westernised. he she was run over outside of phoenix. he will face more charges. check this out. old faithful and a water main break and caused this massive geyser. crews are working to fix it here this morning. and here is a self- fulfilling prophecy. a man dressed as a breathalyzer unfortunate abouted for dui. the 18-year-old jim miller was
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driving the wrong way within he was pulled over. officers say his level was .16. about double the state's legal limit. he was charged with dui and under aged drinking. working at the zoo could have rewards. >> think about luring those animals into the natural environment. some students with ill take a tour, nothing short of special. let's go to new york to get the latest in the business news. and good morning. we start your money scope report with the reserve meeting to use interest rates. the central bank is expected to keep the rates a the record low levels. the question is what is next. there is a growing rift among policy-makers. others say they may have to go up sooner rather than later. investors will look for clues to see who wins the debate. two of the biggest names in
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home inpromote are joining forces. stanley works is buying black and decker for $4.5 billion. stan are i is a leader in security and hand tools. black and decker's focus is power tools. a report said tax players -- payers are unlikely to recoup their investment in gm and chrysler. the accountability office said the values would have to grow above what they have been in the past. the freshry considering a public offering to sell its stake in gm and a private sale in chrysler. toyota is considering expanding the prius. it will be made up of stars smaller than the current model. it the decision is a year away. the cost of flying around the holidays is going up again. a number of airlines have
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doubled their surcharge to $20. the fee applies to flights on peak days. several airliners airliners boosted the rate. how much money is going to your medical care. find out on gma. that's the money scope report.
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the follow wig burn away. and it will be the warmest day
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and clearing out and back to 35. clouds in the afternoon reaching 54 degrees. back to 60. now for a check. and route 50 and you see it is moving about at a nice pace. and getting reports of a struck deer. and caution there to the right. and and make your way across that. and the westbound lane and and repair. we look here and. jamie and megan. back to you. 6:25. we heard stories about babies
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being born in cars but he is born in a more unusual spot in wisconsin. the baby would not wait for the delivery room. he was close though. and a security guardnded up being the midwife and headed for the hospital. but she gave birth on the talk. interesting entry into the world. >> two guards and a nurse helped deliver the baby. mom and baby are okay. they are hope this morning. >> look at this. this elephant got into a tight spot at the zoo. she slipped and was not hurt and fell moo the moat. there was a stair to get the elant and walk it out. they used treats to lure her out. nothing worked until they last
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